It’s More About Strategy Than Math! 
Childcare Business Financial Success - DIRECTORS ROLE
Innovative Strategies from
Karen Foster-Jorgensen

Develop Your Financial Success Strategies Through This Breakthrough Book. You can achieve financial strength in your business to:

  • Delight children and families with high quality early care and education
  • Recruit and retain a well educated and creative teaching team
  • Succeed as a business leader with skillful management and successful financial policies
  • Develop a financial team to support your success (you can even delegate the math if you prefer)
  • Achieve financial success to sustain your thriving business

Finance really is about the Strategies! Discover your Success!

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Karen Foster-Jorgensen

Who Directors/ Owners of  Childcare Centers seek to close funding gaps and reduce headaches!

Time is of the Essence!

Childcare Center Directors and Owners worry about optimizing resources. In addition to building space, staffing allocations, budgets, etc. how YOU use your time is crucial! Download this FREE "Time is of the Essence!" article NOW for creative strategies! (Please be sure to also reply to the confirming email) 


Supporting Directors in the BUSINESS side of Childcare

We provide professional and business development, and networking opportunities, for childcare directors around the globe to learn and share concerns, insights, best practices, and continuous improvement.

Karen Foster-Jorgensen

Author of Financial Management for the Childcare Executive Officer (CEO), owner and director of multiple childcare centres, and international consultant/trainer to hundreds of childcare centre directors, boards, and staff.

Professional Development

We help you and your team enhance Leadership, Management, Finance, Team Building, Marketing & Communications, Creative Thinking & Problem Solving, and Director Coaching results.

Business Development

We help your childcare business attain, maintain, and sustain quality success through customized or packaged solutions.

Expert Resource

Karen Foster-Jorgensen has coordinated the Childcare Director Credential since 2009, having designed the online version in 2008 after serving on the original development committee in 1998 and teaching the first live class in 1999.

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Childcare Directors!


When struggling to resolve STAFFING GAPS, are you:

  • Stepping in to ratio at morning arrival times
  • Wondering if you’ll be needed in a classroom at the end of each day
  • Paying overtime
  • Straining the budget by overstaffing

Then teachers say they NEED TIME OFF for:

  • Doctor and dentist appointments for self and children
  • Banking and government offices
  • Car repair and seasonal tire changes
  • Haircuts, dry cleaning and other errands
  • Conferences for school age children
  • School age children’s sports, arts, music afternoon events
  • Me Time they feel too guilty to mention         

How is a Childcare Director supposed to run the business, including early and late hours, AND please everyone?

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"Karen knows that through careful questioning and facilitated discussion, staff can usually come up with better solutions to their problems than if they were given the answer. She really takes you through a process of looking at the issue in different ways. I have always found that she treats her students and those she works with, with respect and dignity, just as she would want them to work with children and families."

Patty Nordahl
Northern Reflections Consulting, former Director, Cooperation Station

"Karen is full of life and excitement and loves the natural day to day challenges of her work. Her energy is very positive and it influences the whole center."

Randi Shapiro
Former Director, Jonathan Montessori School

Karen Understands YOU!

Childcare Directors today have few people who truly understand them and can speak freely about how best to solve their unique dilemmas. I'm that special resource you can rely on to help you cope and adjust whatever may be needed to thrive.


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