We provide professional and business development, and networking opportunities, for childcare directors around the globe to learn and share concerns, insights, best practices, and continuous improvement. 

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I've owned and directed multiple childcare centres, and served as a top international consultant/trainer to hundreds of childcare centre directors, boards, and staff. Frankly, childcare directors today have few people who truly understand them and can speak freely about how best to solve their unique dilemmas. I'm that special resource you can rely on to help you cope and adjust whatever may be needed to thrive.

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  • Grow your knowledge and confidence to lead your staff team effectively and deliver your mission successfully
  • Identify your professional development goals with plans for effective time and task management
  • Develop strategies to engage your business and economic communities in family and community childcare solutions

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Randi Shapiro

Former Director, Jonathan Montessori School

Karen is full of life and excitement and loves the natural day to day challenges of her work. Her energy is very positive and it influences the whole center.