Meet Founder Karen Foster-Jorgensen

Karen Foster-Jorgensen is a business strategist who designs solutions to key early childhood business challenges. She is both a dreamer and a doer! Karen imagines your greatness and builds practical strategies for your success.

She authored It's More About STRATEGY Than Math! Childcare Business Financial Success DIRECTOR ROLE. Her previous book, now out of print, was  Financial Management for the Childcare Executive Officer (CEO).

Having honed her skills in both non-profit management and childcare business ownership, Karen’s in-person and online business consulting and training events are popular throughout North America. She has experience and advanced training in early childhood and elementary teaching as well as business management and leadership.

Karen founded, owned and directed two early childhood centers serving over 200 families with children ages six weeks to 10 years. She also has extensive experience working with programs seeking accreditation. Karen is a published author, recognized conference speaker, well-known innovator and successful turnaround expert and writer of million-dollar grants for early childhood business expansion. In addition to non-profit leadership as a YMCA Executive Director, she has taught from preschool to college level, and pursued entrepreneurial interests.

Internationally, Karen is the Canada national representative to the World Forum on Early Care and Education, and has presented at their conferences in Macao, China and Auckland, New Zealand. She also received the Canada 150 Award for her leadership in engaging business communities with early education leaders.

Often inspired at the edge of an ocean, Karen designs innovative solutions to difficult challenges in early education finance and management. Receiving appreciative accolades from her audiences, Karen is dedicated to early childhood director success and passionate about meeting quality missions through strong finances. Ideas and questions fuel more innovative solutions from Karen, and she welcomes your inspirations at and on Facebook at

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Karen as Expert Resource

Karen Foster-Jorgensen has coordinated the Childcare Director Credential since 2009, having designed the online version in 2008 after serving on the original development committee in 1998 and teaching the first live class in 1999.