Amazing World Forum Conversation about Confronting the Challenges of the Pandemic Mar 27, 2020

The World Forum on Early Care and Education brought colleagues from sixteen countries together on March 26, 2020 for incredible conversation on ways that early education professionals are making the best of very difficult times! We heard from our colleague in Indonesia whose school is making videos of their songs, stories, art and movement activities to reach out to their families and stay connected through social media and online platforms. We heard from our colleague in China where schools are starting to reopen with concerns that the corona virus could re-emerge as people return home to China. We heard from our colleague in the South Bronx in NYC whose program is closed yet staff are working full time to reach out directly to families with positive mental health and early education strategies. Making this worldwide conversation possible shows us once again the power of the World Forum Foundation bringing early education advocates together in real time to share both challenges and victories and learn from each other. Collaboration and synergy continue to build as the world fights the pandemic. I hope you will check out the World Forum website and learn more about these important conversations and the 2021 World Forum to be held in Vancouver, Canada.

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