Do I hear us cheering the end of 2020? Can we make a moment to reflect?

Dec 23, 2020

2020 is coming to an end! Many people are cheering pretty loudly about that and welcoming 2021! It's always a wise strategy to look forward to making a significant and meaningful future filled with happiness and positivity. Let's stop for a moment though, before we forge through the whirlwind getting over our challenges of 2020. Let's look at innovations and even blessings that shine through the hardships and inconveniences this year. Our early childhood professionals have been there for families - doing the wonderful work to bring quality learning and care to children and peace of mind to their parents! So many families have gotten to know each other better this year - slowing down to play games, take walks and actually talk! We have learned to communicate in new ways and made technology our friend to bring us together when physically distanced. We've shown that we can smile all the way up to our eyes when wearing a mask! We have grown in our ability and confidence to know that we can and will adjust to change - and we can do it while keeping positive even though that is hard sometimes! You have so many accomplishments to be proud of this year and you have made it all happen for children and families and for your own families! Way to go! I am proud to know you and walk bravely together into 2021 with gratitude for this past year and brilliant hope for the coming year!! We are the catalyst for the bright new year!!

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