"I Was Ready to Sit Down and Cry But You All Make Things Better!"

childcaredirector.com Mar 26, 2020

Welcome to the second day of our posts sharing uplifting actions in our field that are helping our colleagues and their communities to get through these challenging times. For context, we were in an online chat for a class in our Directors Credential professional development program. Toward the end of our chat, we were offering messages of support knowing what everyone is facing personally and in their businesses and communities. One of our wonderful directors made such an honest and meaningful statement that I asked her if I could share it with you. Her thoughts truly show the power of connecting online with a peer group and feeling the strength of the group coming through. Even in a typing chat the sense of community is felt so strongly and lifts us all up! Our colleague, whose name happens to be Joy, shared these kind words with all of us "I just want to send out thanks to everyone. I was ready to sit down and cry instead of logging on, but you all make things better!!"

Joy's words of thanks are a tribute to all the dedicated and truly amazing people in our field who connect each day with others to make lives better!! Thank you Joy and all of you for your actions and words that lift people up just when they need it most!!


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