Important Financial Support for Child Care Businesses in Minnesota Apr 02, 2020

We continue our support for you as you work tirelessly to keep child care and early education available for the families you serve. We are cheering you on for your incredible contributions to families and to your staff teams. We also encourage you, challenging as it is, to make time to renew yourself and spend time with your own families.

To support child care businesses through the current Covid-19 crisis, at least two important funds have been created in Minnesota. The first is authorized by the state of MN and is to be administered by Child Care Aware of MN. The second is funding through the six Initiative Foundations who serve out-state MN and through Think Small serving the metro area. Grants vary due to the type business and families served and are primarily meant to support ongoing operations while childcare businesses stay open to serve families who are continuing to work in essential services, including childcare.
I encourage you to learn more and to access these funds to enable you to keep your business strong to serve families, your staff team and you!
Here are some links to learning more about available funding:

I'm continuing to add bright spot stories on my blog and Facebook page to share the wonderful dedication and leadership that you are showing through difficult times. I knew you could do it and would do it as you rise to the occasions and make wise decisions leading your teams and serving families. Thanks again for sharing your uplifting bright spots and I will keep posting them to raise the spirits of the heroes in our field!! and

Keeping you in my thoughts!!

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