Stay Strong and Know That You Are Appreciated!! Mar 25, 2020

Good Morning Friends!

We know that you are facing a huge variety of challenges right now, whether keeping your program open, having to close at this time, and/or working from home to support programs and your teams. There are children and families to consider, your staff to consider along with yourself and your own families, friends and communities. We know you are wise and strong and are making the best decisions that you can. We are thankful for our virtual programs and platforms that keep networking going for communication and support, as well as professional development even in the face of difficult situations around us.

I want to lend my support to you and invite you to email me if you have a question you want to talk over or just would like to share frustrations or small points of encouragement. If you would like to share an idea or helpful piece of information with our colleagues, please do send it along to me and I will make sure that your encouragement is shared with all of our members. Everyone is in this situation together and we want to help wherever possible!

When we tune into them, we do see many bright spots where people are helping people to make this challenging time a little easier. One team member at the grocery store where I shop, heard a plea on the radio from a father who's infant could only use one brand of formula and they could not find it now. The team member checked their stock, set some aside for the family and called the radio station to pass on the message to the family. A seemingly small gesture but an enormous one for the family with the baby. We are all facing some pretty tough stuff right now and I find it does help to watch for opportunities to be one who offers an extra bit of kindness and support through our words and actions. My aging parents are both in a nursing home temporarily for two different recoveries and now of course we cannot even visit them. My brother and I have been thanking the staff by phone every chance we get and letting them know that we recognize the important and challenging work they are doing. Their reactions have been of surprise and great appreciation that people are noticing and sending words of thanks. Everyone needs the support right now to pull together and get through this!! And we will!

I wish you strength and courage  and "Five Minutes Peace", as one of our favorite children's books likes to suggest!! Please keep sharing those shining moments where friends, family and colleagues are working together to stay strong and appreciate the dedication that gets us all through to brighter days!!

In friendship,

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