It’s More About Strategy Than Math! Childcare Business Financial Success - DIRECTORS ROLE Innovative Strategies from Karen Foster-Jorgensen

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Child Care Business Success Pyramid™

Karen's proprietary multi-faceted frameworks encompass skills and actions needed for successful management and leadership of established and start-up early childhood businesses. 

Experience Proves Success Flows Most Strongly from the Director

Karen shows you how to achieve the delicate balance between Dynamic Director, Mission, Engagement and Successful Finance.

Learn How to Apply 36 Effective Business Strategies

Create, build or enhance YOUR solid early childhood business financial foundation with Karen's insightful and practical business strategies.

Customize to YOUR needs with Worksheets and Action Plan

Karen guides you to creatively customize YOUR success pyramid, to make your priorities come alive in ways that work for YOU. 

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Karen Foster-Jorgensen

Innovative Conference Speaker, Synthesizer of Thought and Facilitator of Fun!!

Karen Foster-Jorgensen is a consultant and trainer to the quality and business side of early care and education and is excited to bring her experiences to many continents. Both in-person and online, Karen focuses on helping each director and business owner to meet their mission for children through successful management, leadership, and quality programming.  She is instrumental in developing and delivering online learning and networking opportunities and has extensive experience working with programs seeking accreditation. Karen has experience and advanced training in early childhood and elementary teaching as well as business management and leadership. She founded, owned and directed two early childhood centers serving over 200 families with children ages six weeks to 10 years. In addition to non-profit leadership as a YMCA Executive Director, teaching from preschool to college level, and pursuing entrepreneurial interests, Karen is a published author, recognized conference speaker, well known innovator and successful writer of million-dollar grants for early childhood business expansion. Among Karen’s accomplishments is success in financial and quality turn-around of childcare programs, building success where they had previously struggled financially. Internationally she is a conference presenter throughout North America and at the World Forum on Early Care and Education in New Zealand and Macao, China. Karen is a strong believer in the glass being “half-full” as she optimistically sees the best in adults and children alike. She enthusiastically approaches each project, collaborating with early childhood and school age programs to enhance operating quality and financial success. Karen is honored to be part of your success and looks forward to lively interactions with you, exploring the passion that drives us to engage and excel in our missions through successful business and finance. 


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