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Some days it seems no one understands what you go through, how much you sacrifice, all because you CARE! You care about the children, parents, teachers and support staff, community and finally, if you get around to it…YOURSELF.
It’s time for a change, that your colleagues tell us they are willing and excited to help you experience.

What YOUR economical Joyous Community Membership includes:


Joyous Chat

24/7 real-time chat to encourage and support each other


Joyous Posts

Learn and share announcements and Community news


Collaborative Members

Help develop rewarding peer relationships


Team Dimensions ChildC.A.R.E. Support

APPLY Profile tips



Succinct mini-trainings to conveniently watch during nap times


Workshop by Karen Foster-Jorgensen

Expert strategies and practical implementing tips


Live Events

Interactively learn and share strategic/tactical tips and techniques


Focus Challenges

Create manageable steps to accomplish goals

Also being developed

  • Scheduled Workshops - strategies and implementing tips taught by business strategist Karen Foster-Jorgensen
  • Office Hours - Ask Karen your specific questions at convenient times, flexibly offered selected weekdays, weekends, daytimes and evenings
  • Goal-Setting Course - devote two guided hours just to plan each quarter

What about future plans?

  • An advanced Exuberant Community Membership to include guidance by Karen on her book’s 36 Strategies in:
    It’s More About Strategy Than Math! Childcare Business Financial Success - DIRECTORS ROLE

  • Grant Writing Templates to help approach sponsors 

  • Reduced rate direct coaching for selected projects 

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Joyous Community



  • Chat, Posts, Members, Napinars, Training, Events, Challenges
  • Soon also enjoy Office Hours, Scheduled Workshops and Course
  • Link to purchase Team Dimensions Profile and ChildC.A.R.E. Support
  • And so much MORE