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Concerned about MONEY?

Learn the SECRET STRATEGIES to SUSTAIN your center 

Financial strategy no longer needs to be a mystery! Uncover operating information to make wise decisions and take decisive actions to build sustainable finances into your everyday business management! 

To help you promptly implement these crucial Strategies, each of the three modules will be released 10 days apart. With diligence, you may transform your center in less than a month, achieving ongoing Sustainability! Now that's worth the modest investment today!

Are you building your next budget? Strategies you need NOW:

  • Define your mission and key revenue goals

  • Set fees based on your true costs to deliver quality

  • Discover money hiding in your program right now

  • Explore tools to support sustainability

  • Find your financial mindset for success

Module 1 

(Released within 1 day after Enrolment)

Strategies to:

  • Write Effective Enrollment and Payment Policies
  • Maximize Income with Full On-Time Tuition Payments
  • Uncover True Costs of Delivering Quality Care

Module 2 

(Released 10 days after Module 1)

Strategies to:

  • Increase Wages for Your Team
  • Make the Most of Your Staff Benefit Dollars
  • Operate with Your Childcare Slots Filled

Module 3 

(Released 10 days after Module 2)

Strategies to:

  • Sustain Safe and Stimulating Educational Facilities
  • Build Budgets as Your Annual Financial Roadmap
  • Monitor Your Business Financial Status Every Day

Patty Nordahl

Northern Reflections Consulting, former Director, Cooperation Station

Karen knows that through careful questioning and facilitated discussion, staff can usually come up with better solutions to their problems than if they were given the answer. She really takes you through a process of looking at the issue in different ways. I have always found that she treats her students and those she works with, with respect and dignity, just as she would want them to work with children and families.

Sustainable Strategy Secrets will change your financial management forever!

Learn what Karen has observed helping hundreds of childcare centers and fix things right - for ongoing sustainability. 

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10 DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee. Just let us know what you've attempted and where you feel stuck.